MainSpring Services

Mainspring Books trusts in the influence of stories regardless of the genre. We believe in the beauty of
inspiring people through creativity and imagination.
The company’s framework is built to support authors publish their work while giving them control over
how they want their books to be.
Our motto: You imagine, we deliver.
We are a team of ingenious resources and visionaries having the same goal – set authors up for succes

Publishing services

We are ready to support every author with what they need to get their stories published. We get that different manuscripts have different publishing needs. Speak with our advisers to determine the best package that would accommodate all your needs.

Book Reviews

Get validation for your masterpiece from credible, trusted and well-known reviewers and take care of distributing your reviews to the right people. We also provide developmental editing services for areas of improvement pointed out.

Author Digital ID

Strengthen your author reputation and expedite your growth online through our custom services that help you get found by the right people in the right places at the right time. We can help you build a strong landing page and gather as many high-quality visits as possible.

Publicity Campaigns

Getting into the limelight is a real roller coaster ride but if you have the right publicity campaigns that would make your portfolio stronger, you can easily get there! We can get you connected to prominent Radio Interviews, TV Interviews, Print Magazines, Newspapers as well as US and International Book Exhibits.

Outreach Services

Provide you with effective query letters and sell sheets to be submitted to independent bookstores, literary agents, and key decision makers in the literary world.

The Ten Demandments: For Husband, Wife, Children, and Self

by Loretta J. Womack

The Pen Will Write The Way

by Marylou DeCarlo

Children of the Nile

by Olfet Agrama

Billy the Kid

by Kathey Darnell

My Century: A memoir of war, peace and pioneering in the operating room

by Kristaps Keggi, M.D.

Charm and Strange: Poems

by Linda Casebeer