Ron Cruse

About the Book:

Cruse’s account of his experiences and discoveries after years of leading his international businesses. Russia, Egypt, Kenya, Germany, Iraq, Zaire, Hungary, Thailand, India-international entrepreneur Cruse has had business experience in each, and distilled 20 years of acumen into this volume. Consisting of 47 short accounts (along with sidebars), each relating lessons learned, Lies, Bribes and Peril will especially interest those involved in politics, business or international relations. Cruse has learned to respect cultural differences that the average American might find baffling and has provided lucid, congenial explanations behind each. 

The author skillfully illuminates how these differences arise and the confusion they can cause. Cruse explains the concept of “accommodation”- a new way of viewing some of the divergences, such as bribery, that most Americans would view harshly. Accommodation is found throughout the world and takes many forms as business people communicate and conduct transactions. Further lessons include insights into personal safety while traveling in foreign countries and cultures, basic business skills-such as going to the source for information and problem-solving-committing to a path and moving rather than waiting for a different opportunity and language-related issues both with and without interpreters. Cruse uses a fast-paced style that makes these lessons engaging as well as informative, and retells intriguing firsthand experiences from his travels, from the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Sri Lanka to mafia interactions in Kazakhstan. As technology brings the countries of the world into one business community, the author’s instructions will aid anyone attempting to interact with other cultures. Chronicles of international business narrated with enthusiasm, understanding and reflection.-Kirkus Discoveries

About the Author:

Author Ron Cruse has built three highly successful international businesses while traveling almost three million miles to over 80 countries. Raised in Oklahoma by a British born mother and a no-nonsense father who instilled in him an entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘do it right’ ethical compass. His career journey, along with the realization that the down-in-the-trenches, practical training necessary to navigate the real world cannot be found in any classroom, is the inspiration for his acclaimed book.

Ron Cruse - Lies Bribes Peril -- Lessons for the REAL Challenges of the Global Arena