Marylou Decarlo

About the Book:

Many of us wish we have a closer relationship with Jesus. To hear him, learn from him, and share moments of joy with him. We go to church, pray, and hope our prayers will be answered. What we need to do is open our hearts and minds to listen, meditate, and be still to hear his voice. This book is some of the author’s intimate encounters with Jesus that share his teachings, wisdom, love, compassion, and understanding with us. We all can hear his voice and develop a deeper relationship with him if we are open to it. Please join us on this journey.

About the Author:

MaryLou DeCarlo grew up in New York and was always drawn to God. After a serious medical condition, she was searching for inner peace. While meditating in her garden, she began to experience God’s presence. Journaling was the way she documented her intimate encounters with Jesus. The book was written to share God’s love and teachings.

MaryLou DeCarlo - The Pen WIll Write the Way