Lee Carter

About the Book:

Leadership-In-Community is a spiritual formation curriculum designed to provide a theological and practical foundation for Christian leaders committed to the mission of God in a vastly changing world. 

It engages new or seasoned missional leaders in the foundations of missiology, leadership theory, and leadership practices and tools. The curriculum explores three inter-related themes that build effective missional leadership: the missiology, community, and ethics of missional leadership. These themes are explored through spiritual formation practices based upon Lectio Missio, an expansion of Lectio Divina, including mission-related practices. Using Lectio Missio, small groups of leaders read and study Scripture, pray, dialogue, meditate, journal, and participate in experiential learning. These disciplines of spiritual formation are the basis of missional leadership training and development.

About the Author:

Lee Carter received his Doctor of Strategic Leadership from Regent University and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Scripture Engagement at Bible League International (Chicago) supporting long-term strategies for sustained church growth. His vision is to equip missional leaders in the global Church and missional movements with healthy leadership perspectives and effective models that foster thriving organizations and communities that are witnesses of the goodness of Jesus Christ.