Jeff Meyer

About the Book:

Rekindle Your Dream. Outwit Your Inner Saboteur. Come To Terms With Your Inherent Fallibility And Move Forward Anyway. When your dream is sparked, do you overthink it instead of getting down to business? Have you let the “if only” mindset have the last word? What about tweaking that and asking “what if?” What would you pursue if you weren’t afraid? What would you try if you accepted various failures as a part of the process? The truth is that over-thinking leads to more self-doubt.

¬†Action produces hope. If you are ready to finally do something with your dream, to prime the pump to take action, well, permission granted. Jeff Meyer, author of the award-winning book Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute, invites you to move toward your greatest aspirations-starting today. The path from dream-inception to dream-realization may be uphill, but with the insight and guidance offered in The Dream Primer, you will be well prepared to shift from ideas to action. Meyer equips you to identify the stumbling blocks you’ll likely encounter along the way and empowers you to overcome the obstacles in your path. In this book, the latest in Meyer’s Dream Library, you’ll discover precisely how to… CRYSTALIZE YOUR DREAM OVERCOME OBSTACLES EXPOSE EXCUSES OUTSMART EVERY DREAM’S GREATEST NEMESIS: FEAR CLARITY, COURAGE, AND COMMUNITY AWAIT INSIDE!

About the Author:

Jeff Meyer is an author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and pastor who helps individuals and organizations awaken to their unique contribution and live out their calling with competence and courage in this ever-changing world. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, Amy. Father of four girls, he rejoices in watching them realize their dreams and aspirations.

Jeff Meyer - The Dream Primer