Jeff Meyer

About the Book:

Troubled because you DON’T HAVE A DREAM? Been told that DREAMS DON’T PAY THE BILLS? Have a dream but face TOO MANY OBSTACLES? Stuck in mid-life LIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM? Overcome the self-inflicting wounds that have kept you from pursuing your dream. Break free from others’ expectations & discover YOUR dream. Engage your own entrepreneurship mojo.

Efficiently execute using very practical productivity strategies. Fear Not Dream BIG & Execute: Tools to Spark Your Dream and Ignite Your Follow-Through by Jeff Meyer will ignite the spark to unleash your dream. Help yourself and ignite a bold dream. And then, lead boldly. Packed with life lessons and tools, Jeff Meyer invites you to linger where you will. More like a weekly dose of encouragement than a novel, you can pick and choose the lessons that hit home. Sit with them until they stick. As they shout at Camp Randall in Madison, WI where Jeff resides with his wife Amy, “Jump Around.” Cue music… In this book you will… ◆ Find new courage to be yourself ◆ See you’re not alone ◆ Try practical exercises to unlock your own dream realization strategy ◆ Stoke a smoldering dream ◆ Deepen your insight into your own resistance to pursuing your dream ◆ Strengthen your resolve to stay the course ◆ Discover new ideas that stir your own creativity Most dreams die before they ever begin. Get out of your own way. Step into a new day.

About the Author:

Jeff Meyer is an author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and pastor who helps individuals and organizations awaken to their unique contribution and live out their calling with competence and courage in this ever-changing world. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, Amy. Father of four girls, he rejoices in watching them realize their dreams and aspirations.

Jeff Meyer - Fear Not Dream Big & Execute