Jean Davis

About the Book:

I heard a sermon many years ago about the characteristics God gave geese. I discovered they are an example of healthy and happy community living. They mate for life. When they migrate, they encourage each other by honking; they take turns doing the stressful job of being the leader; and when one becomes injured or sick, most of the flock continues the journey, while some stay behind with the injured one until they recover. They thrive by staying in their community. These attributes are excellent examples of what we need and strive for as human beings. 

At the time I heard the sermon, I thought, “What an amazing idea for a series of children’s books!” Through this inspiration, I have written four illustrated books highlighting precious little geese characters with various personalities, strengths, attitudes, and problems. They face issues like disagreements, forgiveness, loss and sadness, bullying, and friendship development. The older geese teach them life lessons and sometimes pray together with them as they learn to live life well. These stories reflect some of the struggles our children have in life, and how, with faith and community, we overcome them.

About the Author:

Jean Davis is a recently retired nurse manager in the insurance industry, wife, mother, and grandmother. She is also a pastor’s wife who has always enjoyed telling stories to Sunday school classes and, of course, her children and grandchildren. Her goal in life is to help her family and others live joyful, meaningful, and faithful lives.

Jean Davis - The Sense God Gave a Goose Series - Allie Learns About Caring - Front Cover