Dr. Julie Z. Roth

About the Book:

Orphan In The Storm is Julie’s own true story of how she overcame unbelievable poverty, incredible emotional abuse and neglect. She was told by her father that she wasn’t even worth educating and he literally disowned her but she never knew why. It’s the story of survival and miracles after her father’s untimely death at the age of 41, leaving her mother with five young children, two months’ pregnant with baby number six, of living in a half-built house with no indoor plumbing,rain as water supply, with no money and no way to earn it. Mom coundn’t drive the stick-shift car and neither of us was old enough to drive, yet we were miles from the nearest town where the only supplies were. It’s the inspirational account of how our Heavenly Father came to the rescue with one miracle after another to sustain this young family that appeared to be destined to doom…but God!

About the Author:

Orphan In The Storm is Julie’s personal account of overcoming the impossible and of her testimonial experience with astonishing and nearly unbelievable miracles. She was told by her father that she wasn’t even worth educating, yet she has an earned Ph.D. in Business Leadership. She is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team and is currently CEO and Sole Proprietor of JZR Enterprises, a business consulting company. She also does public speaking where she shares this testimony.

Julie Z Roth - Orphan in the Storm