Dr. Arnold Thompson

About the Book:

Wisdom is riding on a passenger train of time on a collision course with destiny, and we are all in for the ride. This book is about wisdom riding on this train. “These words, as part of the introduction of the book, set the specific context and overall challenge and purpose for this book. Here, wisdom is likened to a lady riding on the train of civilization past prominence in a social, political, and spiritual direction. But the book argues in recent times, she has been forced to ride in the back of the train. Her wisdom of the ages is despised, and her steady influences of the ages are ignored. Now we live in a vast field of folly. How do we find our way out? How do we see her, hear her, and love her again? This is the story of this book.

About the Author:

A pastor and ministry leader since 1967, Dr. Thompson now shares his wisdom and passion for the Gospel through his writing and public speaking engagements.

Dr Arnold Thompson - The Death of Wisodom The Rise of Folly - Why We Must Care