Doug Beaver

About the Book:

Scrapping with the Mob describes the adventures of scrap metal dealer Johnathon Michaels as he finds himself entangled with a Las Vegas mob-run casino, and all the dangers that come with the territory. A Midwestern transplant, Johnathon discovers that there are many opportunities to do what is right and wrong when he lands his first post-college job, an opportunity that could prove too good to be true. As the plot unfolds. the characters and situations he encounters become more outlandish and life-threatening until Johnathon finds himself at a crossroads. Scrapping with the Mob is a lively read that will surprise and entertain the reader as it uncovers a dark underworld that most of us can only imagine.

About the Author:

Author Doug Beaver has a degree in journalism and has written both for newspapers and news radio. He worked for a scrap metal company and in the demolition field, where he experienced first-hand some of the things he describes in the novel.

Doug Beaver_Scrapping with the Mob