Doretta Lonnett Whalen

About the Book:

Saint Anthony of Padua made his mark as a popular, powerful preacher in Western Europe in the early decades of the thirteenth century, and he has developed a worldwide reputation as the finder of lost things. Regardless of creed, people invoke him on a range of issues, but especially Catholics do, who cultivate the belief that saints can intercede on our behalf.

About the Author:

Doretta Whalen is a retired adjunct professor: at the University of Pittsburgh, teaching Jazz Voice and inheriting the popular History of Jazz named Editor’s Pick Best Class by The Pitt News in 2013; at Penn State Greater Allegheny, founding PSGA (Penn State Greater A Cappella) Melody Lions. As host of her APR radio show on WYEP 91.3 FM Pittsburgh, “Cruise Control for a Sunday,” she interviewed guests and created “Classic Jazz Revue” voice-over episodes. Dr. Whalen’s dissertation on Billie Holiday suggests that the Catholic school experience of exposure to chant helped shape her singing style. Doretta serves the church as cantor and volunteer.

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