Claudette Carter

About the Book:

A compelling true story of love, courage, and humility. Walker Carter inspired others to rise to their best through sports and teachings of true love based on his faith in God. Walker was determined to walk in the footsteps of Jesus to “…go on walking just as that one walked.” (1John 2:6) He was a stellar athlete that defied all odds against racism as an underprivileged boy who became a beloved man that touched the hearts of so many even after his death. Walker’s Way is a powerful book that demonstrates how each of us as imperfect humans can love each other regardless of race, religious beliefs, or status in life. 

Walker utilized this love and respect for others as a platform to become an outstanding athlete, servant of God, husband, father, brother, and friend Before his death, Walker, excelled as a beloved First Class Lineman at PECO Energy by corporate leaders as well as fellow employees. He was also able to win national championships at Widener University in track and football as a wide receiver. Walker served as the first black coach in football and track at Widener because he never viewed himself as a black man but as a man. Walker was inducted into Widener University’s Athletic Hall of Fame for Football and Track and Field. Walker also served as a Master Scuba Diver before his death as well. He tried to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps, who imitated his father Jehovah God. Walker became a tremendous team player who demonstrated spiritual leadership, respect, and admiration for others.

About the Author:

Claudette Coleman Carter Served as Executive Director and creator of Spotlight Productions, a nonprofit, cable television company. Spotlight produced an award-winning television series called “Delaware Valley Spotlight.” This television program won numerous awards for “Excellence in Community Programming” and we were awarded Federal grants to produce an award-winning documentary on teenage pregnancy which plagued our community at the time.

Claudette Carter - Walkers Way