Bruce Dulany

About the Book:

Are you an underdog? Does everything seem to go wrong for you? Are you the unluckiest person on the planet? Are you that awkward person who nobody notices? Or gets noticed for the wrong reason? Do you like mystery, suspense, adventure, drama, and humor? Put your seatbelt on and follow Valerie and her uncle as they try and break a curse placed on her family over 150 years ago.

About the Author:

Bruce has loved writing all his life. Although he never pursued it until recently. While cleaning his garage one day, he found an old journal from his middle school days. His teacher told him he should pursue writing as a career. He owned and operated several small successful businesses, he worked in grocery stores and delivered bread to support his wonderful family. He even worked part-time at a school where he met many wonderful children. For fun he wrote stories for classrooms, including each student as a character. Then COVID-19 came, he lost his job. As he stayed home he began to write more, a friend suggested publishing, thus Valerie was born. Valerie and the Curse of the Diamond Necklace is a follow-up to that original story.

Bruce Dulany - Valerie and the Curse of the Diamond Necklace