Lavance Washington

About the Author:

My name is Lavance Washington. This book is about spiritual doors. I’m writing this book to not only expose the natural doors of life but to expose the spiritual doors of life as well. In life there’s always doors that we go through, whether it’s to our bedroom, kitchen, our job, or going out to eat, etc. There’s always doors involved in our lives, and each door brings forth something different to experience in life. The natural door of life we can see, and we normally can see what’s behind them and how you to respond to what’s on the other side of the door, whether it’s good or bad, but the spiritual door in life is a whole new ballpark of experience.

I’ve experienced some of these spiritual doors and what’s on the other side of those doors and what comes through those doors, and I’m mainly speaking mostly about the evil doors. I’m sharing how different spiritual doors expose different spiritual attacks in the spiritual world and how these doors are real. I’m sharing my encounters about the spiritual world and how it’s opened me up to see differently. It’s taught me how to battle the spiritual attacks and what weapons we need. Also, I’d like for those people who have experienced some of the same similar battles to know you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your testimony. Share to those that are in the dark that spiritual doors are real; you can’t see the doors or what’s on the other side like you can see in the natural realm, but they are truly there; evil is real. I pray that this book will enlighten people of the world today, but the good side is that God has opened so many good doors for me, as well doors of blessings and doors of prosperity, and most importantly the door to everlasting life in heaven. Glory to my God for saving my life. Now I’m a soldier for the Lord.

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