Dr. Margaret Aranda

About the Book:

Dr. Margaret Aranda’s newest book is an important reference book for those suffering with intractable low back pain. Such pain leads most patients on a quest, undergoing multiple procedures to resolve the pain. You can understand what kinds of problems certain diagnoses have, and you and your doctor can work together to get your diagnosis. For example, if you had an epidural steroid injection, you may be suffering from a pain syndrome called spinal adhesive arachnoiditis (SAA). If your low back pain is heralded by 24/7 pain, this book is for you. 

If it is accompanied by burning pain, trouble urinating or passing stool, getting full fast after eating, headaches or migraines, dizziness after standing up, or difficulties having a libido or declining sex performance, this book is for you.stool, getting full fast after eating, headaches or migraines, dizziness after standing up, or difficulties having a libido or declining sex performance, this book is for you. If you had an epidural steroid injection that changed your life or are pregnant and thinking of having an epidural for labor pain, the same difficulties can affect you; this book is also for you. If you were highly flexible as a child and had back instrumentation by surgery or an epidural, you may be more prone to suffer subsequent deleterious effects, and this is a must-have book. This book is part of Dr. Aranda’s Rebel Patient™ Series. Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD brings a unique mix of academia, research, personal experience, and clinical care to her seventh book. After graduating Keck USC School of Medicine, she did her anesthesiology residency and then a critical care Fellowship at Stanford. From there, she went on to become Chief of Anesthesiology at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, as Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania in three departments: Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Surgery and Traumatology, and Radiology. She then served our Veterans again at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center as Chief of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, as Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Aranda is a Stanford and Keck-USC trained physician with specialty training in anesthesiology and critical care. After recovery from a traumatic brain injury, she assumed a pain clinic and is a national referral center for failed back syndrome. The best news is that most patients are diagnosed with the same set of problems, making your future care streamlined and protocolized for a new lease on life. She is the creator of the Rebel Patient™ Series of books.

About the Author:

Dr. Margaret Aranda was born in Los Angeles, CA, the second of six girls and one boy. Perhaps best known on social media as “one of us”, she is a physician-turned patient.

She graduated high school at age 16, entering college just to come down with chicken pox. By 19, she had California Cosmetology and Real Estate licenses. She went to college to get her broker’s license but became pre-med at the beckoning of Scotty Pedesky, Health Educator. As President of the Sepulveda VA’s Pre-Med Club and winner of the Sigma Xi Research Symposium, then as recipient of the National Foundation for Biochemical Research Award, she studied cancer research with Dr. Steven Oppenheimer at California State University, Northridge.

Dr. Aranda (“Margaret” or “Mags) is a Keck USC medical school graduate, and a Stanford alumni in anesthesiology and critical care. During 911, she served as Interim Chief of the Department of Anesthesiology at the Philadelphia VA. Her research ranged from clinical to hard science topics, as she also wrote $3 million in NIH Funding on hyperpolarized 3He-MRI.

Margaret transferred to UCLA Anesthesiology when her father got Alzheimer’s disease. Critically injured in a tragic car accident of 2006, she survives with The Rebel Patient active on today’s healthcare issues on the forefront of real life.

Her books include a memoir (No More Tears), which she still autographs. She wrote two children’s books after her daughter (Little Missy Two-Shoes), Stepping from the Edge inspirational, Archives of the Vagina for women’s health, and her newest is The Rebel Patient. Watch out for fake accounts – be sure to buy from ‘The Real’ “Dr. Margaret Aranda”.

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