Anna "Susie" L. Kealy

About the Book:

This is a charmingly illustrated tale of a Maine Coon cat. The cat takes on a “Wardrobe” of 4 different animal furs. Not one works, and she goes back to appreciate her own fur “coat”. the book is beautifully illustrated.

About the Author:

My husband and I have raised goats, including fainting goats for over thirty-five years. We reside in Belfast, TN, which is located in Marshall County, where the fainting goat breed originated. They are truly a unique and special breed of goats. You can’t help but love them! Over the years I developed a yearning to write a children’s book about our goats, but the inspiration didn’t come for a long, long time. Then it came so quickly, I could hardly get the words down fast enough. I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did writing it.

Anna Kealy - Miss Woollies Wardrobe