Ali Zokaee

About the Book:

To be able to overcome the struggle that you are dealing with, at any stage of your life, you should be able to understand the process that got you there. These quotes may not solve the problem but will help explain some part of it, either before, during, or after the dilemma. The book has been divided into two chapters. The first chapter contains the quotes that I have come up with on my own. Even if they’ve been said before by other people, I haven’t heard them (at least in this format) from any other source. 

And if there are any similarities, hopefully the original sources will forgive my ignorance. The second chapter contains words of wisdom from other people—some well-known, and some not. Some of these quotes are in line with my own opinions, and some have been included based on the fact that they have beau- tifully been said, even though their factual concept may not be completely accepted. By going through and thinking about most of these sayings, some of the important uncertainties in life can become less uncertain. All of the quotes in both chapters, address some part of the process of dealing with obstacles in real life.

About the Author:

As a music and movie collector, the influences that my idols in the past had on me both in cinema and music, and the process of maturing the raw ideas took me and taught me, and also some powerful quotes from the people who were not involved in these two fields, but had more than enough value and power to be included, resulted and summarized in this book.

Ali Zokae - Useful Quotes -- True, Practical But Not Pleasing